What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

my old blog

on January 1, 2014

Today I turned off the lights at my old blog.

the light switch for a WordPress blog

the light switch for a WordPress blog

I loved that blog. It was my first, and I loved it the way I loved my first bike. My blog was about trying to get a little greener every day, mostly in the context of the socioeconomic and eco-system where I live. That’s with my wife and four cats in a neo-Cape Cod house (which wants remodeling) on a half-acre wooded lot on the edge of a small city in the Southern Piedmont of the U.S. I also wrote a good deal about sustainable living in another city we visited regularly.

Nimue and I are still committed, with all our reason and passion, to getting greener. But our connections to the places the blog was about changed significantly. It appears that roots we were putting down might have to be pulled up. And that gave me a serious identity crisis as the blogger of that particular blog. I couldn’t carry on as if everything were still the same, but I felt I couldn’t make the blog about our newly liminal life, either. I neglected it, and felt badly about it … contemplated various ways to re-engage, but for one or another reason rejected them all. Recently I’ve understood that I couldn’t fix the blog because it wasn’t broken. It’s just that it didn’t fit me any more. It’s time to let it go.

This stage of my life needs a new project. And that project deserves a new blog. We don’t know, Nimue and I, what’s next in our lives, but we can prepare for it by lightening up. So, for every day of 2014, I’ll shed something. Whatever clutters, or attracts chaos, or drains energy, or clouds vision, or simply doesn’t work for me and us anymore, is my quarry. Welcome to What I shed today.

shedding style: release

What might you shed today?


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