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martha’s cardigan

on January 4, 2014

Today I helped my friend Martha pass along her cardigan.

Martha died last March. She was still living at home, still driving, still mentally acute. Nevertheless, we were all expecting a blood-sugar-level crisis would eventually push her down further than she could fight back from. Decades of type 1 diabetes had taken a toll.

But Martha was a never-surrender woman of the Builder generation. It was hard to imagine our church—indeed, our denomination—without Martha and her ironclad commitments to them. It seemed that refusal to die would keep her alive.

That actually can work for awhile. But a time comes when it doesn’t.

She left an office stuffed to the ceiling with the paper trail of a lifetime of projects to teach and empower her sisters. Martha had an organized mind, but she was more interested in promoting her new and present interests than wrapping up the loose ends of what she’d accomplished. It’s fallen on me and Nimue to dispose of that legacy.

I found Martha’s cardigan on a hook on the back of her office door, kept there for the days when chill seeped out of the masonry walls into her thin bones. We brought it home to wash, and it’s been hanging in our laundry room for months. I’d stopped seeing it, frankly. But this morning I noticed it again and thought, “We’re having a cold winter in the Southeast. Martha would have given the sweater off her back to keep a sister warm.” So I took it to Goodwill.

Most good sheds are collaborative and collective efforts. I’m glad to have done this one with Martha. I believe she’d be pleased.

Martha's cardigan and scarf

Martha’s cardigan and scarf

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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