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cracked bamboo spoon

on January 5, 2014

Today I shed a cracked bamboo spoon.

The oddest things can be hard to shed sometimes. This spoon, for example: we decided to let it go after I forgot to turn a burner off and it sat for a couple hours in a sizzling-hot iron skillet. We might have lived with the charring, but the crack it developed could harbor bacteria.

bamboo spoon with potential bacteria haven

bamboo spoon with potential bacteria haven

I didn’t want to put it in the trash, though. We try not to send anything organic to the landfill. We have perfectly good compost piles behind the house for that. I left the spoon out on the kitchen counter, the same one where we keep the compost bucket, meaning to snatch it up on my next trip. And that’s where it stayed for months. Except when I would surreptitiously pick it up and use it. “What am I doing?” I finally asked myself. “Not thinking realistically, clearly.”

I was hanging onto a relationship that needed to transition, that’s what.

The spoon came to us three kitchens and more than a dozen years ago. Nimue was invited to one of those pyramid-scheme marketing organization houseware parties that, for the sake of a friendship, she felt she had to attend. She wasn’t going to buy anything, of course. But she brought home a set of bamboo spoons. I tried not to show how doubtful I felt. Bamboo? Surely they were a gimmick that wouldn’t stand up in daily use.

I was wrong. Bamboo makes great cooking utensils. They don’t get hot, they don’t scratch soft surfaces, yet they’re rigid enough to really move food around in a saucepan or skillet. The medium-sized spoon in the set became the first tool I reached for at the range.

And that’s why, I realized, though I knew it wasn’t useful anymore, I didn’t want to let it go. The new spoon I found at the grocery store isn’t stained with a thousand meals. It isn’t the same. But nothing stays the same.

So I took the old spoon out back and gave it an honorable burial in our hugelkultur experiment. Rot in peace, spoon. Thanks for everything you stirred up.

shedding style: compost
destination: compost pile

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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