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art-deco-ish medicine cabinet

on January 8, 2014

I uninstalled this medicine cabinet from my parents’ house. The florescent lamps that frame it were flickering. Probably it needs new tubes, ballast and starter, and given how brittle the plastic covers over the lamps had become, Mom said having a new cabinet would ease her mind.

mid-20th-century medicine cabinet

mid-20th-century medicine cabinet

Knowing it might be BER (Beyond Economic Repair), I nevertheless brought it home, thinking I might sand the rust spots, paint it, replace the faulty electrical parts, and list it on eBay. It’s got a certain design charm … certainly they don’t make them like this anymore. I get a headache thinking about preparing it to ship, though, and have better uses for my time. So in a shed of hopeful architectural salvage, I’ll drop it off at our Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Perhaps someone will be drawn to its retro style, or have one like it they need parts for.

shedding styles: give away, recycle
destination: architectural salvage/thrift store

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


One response to “art-deco-ish medicine cabinet

  1. […] for Dad’s bathroom. (Sounds selfless, I know, but she couldn’t get the lamps in the old cabinet to light, and since he’s lost his sight, he couldn’t help her change them […]

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