What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

container garden

on January 9, 2014

This isn’t a shed so much as it’s relocating something to a better place. But since the move is likely to change the status of a whole system from “broken and making me mad” to “working and increasing my cheer,” I’m counting it.

Our yard is a fairly mature second-growth oak-hickory woods. The only space I have enough sunlight for a garden is a narrow strip out by the street. I supplement it with planters full of home-made compost. Every spring and fall I get my blood pumping for another try, but onions and okra are the only crops I’ve successfully grown. Mostly, I just feed the white-tailed deer in our neighborhood: two does and a fawn that form a little herd and a solitary yearling buck. I’ve observed them often enough, long enough, to have named them: “Sausage,” “Stew,” “Bambi,” and “Steak.” They don’t know it, but we’re in an undeclared state of war.

At church, however—twelve miles away—there’s an enclosed courtyard right outside my office window. I defy Sausage and her voracious get to find my container garden there.

container garden haunted by ghosts of swiss chard denuded by deer

container garden haunted by ghosts of swiss chard denuded by deer

shedding style: relocate
destination: a better place

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


One response to “container garden

  1. […] I’m not embarrassed to take it to the courtyard at church. That’s where I relocated my container garden so I may grow swiss chard where white-tailed deer shall not break in and steal. The table is of a […]

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