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cracked racking cane

on January 13, 2014

Racking canes aid in siphoning liquids out of carboys. Depending on what one is siphoning, avoiding contact with micro-organisms may or may not be of concern, but usually for homebrewers and winemakers that’s a goal. Cracks, scratches, and pitting provide hiding places for germs, so when the equipment gets damaged, it should be replaced. Probably I should have tossed this cane back when it suffered the accident, but I thought a damaged tool was better than none. I’ve since obtained a replacement, though, so when my eyes fell on the cracked one today, I said, “Ha! there’s a shed!”

racking cane with crazing due to thermal shock

racking cane with crazing due to thermal shock

It got cracked when I wanted to sanitize it in a hurry with boiling water instead of taking the trouble to mix up a solution of iodophor and give it time to act. Flag that as a shortcut that turned into the long, wrong way around.

I don’t have a good recycling option for rigid plastics without a resin code. This goes to the landfill, sorry to say.

The good news is: my new racking cane incorporates a pump that makes starting a siphon a whiz. Now I want to brew something up just so I can rack it!

shedding style: throw away
destination: landfill

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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