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direct mail from AT&T

on January 26, 2014

Today I took aim at stopping AT&T’s flood of direct mail marketing, which seeks to sell us entertainment services we don’t need, don’t want and don’t choose to imagine we should afford. I knew it might be hard to achieve since AT&T became our internet service provider when it swallowed BellSouth. They might claim that, since they have a business relationship with us, we’re fair game.

But a little dance with Mr. Google produced AT&T’s Consumer Marketing Privacy Policy page:

The original caption for this screenshot read "a page from the devil's bible." Whoops, it still does.

The original caption for this screenshot read “a page from the devil’s bible.” Whoops, it still does.

The arrogance chills me. Charter Communications had an easy online form to complete. I have to phone AT&T. Our request will expire in three years. AT&T won’t accept “Do Not Mail” requests from third parties … read: from the Direct Marketing Association. (AT&T evidently is too big to play by industry rules.) And oh, they may decide to abrogate all this at any time.

Well, let’s live-blog how this goes, shall we?

revdarkwater: [Dials 800-288-2020.] [Gets voice-recognition robot that presents a menu of options, none of which even remotely relate to his request.] “None of these.”

AT&T: [Voice-recognition robot can’t believe it, repeats entire menu.]

revdarkwater: “None of these.”

AT&T: “The office is closed. Your call cannot be processed at this time. Please call back during regular business hours.…”

revdarkwater: [Sighs.] “That’s not unreasonable. I’m glad the customer service reps get a day off. But we’re not finished with this, AT&T. I’ll be back.”

To be continued …

shedding style: refuse

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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