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direct mail from AT&T, concluded

on January 27, 2014

Picking up from yesterday when I had to hit the “pause” button …

It’s normal business hours in the continental US now, so I phoned the number AT&T provides to request to be added to the Do Not Mail list (800-288-2020, should a reader likewise want it). After getting a rather warped version of the AT&T jingle, I furthered my acquaintance with the voice-recognition robot. He needed a couple minutes of patient replies to his questions to hit the end of his flow chart and figure he should refer me to someone with a bigger vocabulary and greater powers of fuzzy logic and pattern-matching (that is, a customer service representative). I didn’t have to endure much elevator music till one came on the line. She accepted my request and said she’d forward it to those who maintain the DNM list.

She had a script, too, it appears. At the end, sounding a little embarrassed, she said, “AT&T reminds its customers to please not text and drive. Have a good day.” I laughed and wished her the same. It’s sane advice.

I’m pleased with the interaction. Of course I’ll be watching in about a month for the flow of AT&T U-verse junk mail to stop. But I’ll stake this shed some hope and call it a success.

shedding style: refuse

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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