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lightening up a little at a time

more cranky fountain pen ink

on January 31, 2014

Whew! We’ve completed a month in this year of lightening up! I didn’t anticipate how quickly it would lead me to poking about in the sub-basement of my psyche. But enough about me, let’s shed something!

The fountain pens struggled to deliver while I was writing my “morning pages” today. I shed a bottle of fountain pen ink on 7 January but spared a couple others in that purge, hoping to squeeze a few more fillings out of them. The “Claret” consistently clogs, however, and the “Regal” does little better. Should they stay or should they go?

I wrote hundreds of pages with the inks from these bottles, but no more.

I wrote hundreds of pages with the inks from these bottles, but no more.

Nah, let’s talk about me some more. Often I put up with something that’s only half-working because:

  • I value economy. I paid for all of it, so I want to receive its full value.
  • Systems, once established and stable, seek to maintain the status quo, and I’m a system. Replacing what half-works will take time, money, and trouble; at the moment the cost of twiddling with it a little longer appears lower—whether it is or not.
  • I spar constantly with perfectionism and sometimes accept “good enough” just to spite it.

Occasionally those are good reasons. More often I expect they unnecessarily burden me. How can I distinguish between “still good enough” and “not working for me anymore”? The Morris rule is a sharp knife. “Do I know it to be useful?” If the answer is, “Well, kinda,” that’s a “no.”

There’s always one good reason to keep using a thing past the point of convenience: avoiding waste. I want to participate as little as possible in behaviors which, writ large, are changing earth’s climate and killing eco-systems world-wide. Don’t shed blithely—I declare that another rule of shedding.

The glass bottles went in the recycling bin. The plastic parts had to go in the garbage can.

shedding styles: recycle, throw away
destinations: community recycling stream, landfill

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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