What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

unshaven shame

on February 1, 2014

I much prefer to feel shaved than stubbled, so most mornings I lather up and scrape off my beard. In the low humidities of winter, an occasional rest seems good for my skin, so every now and then I’ll skip the shave. When I do, however, I feel a little guilty all day—as if I owe it to civilization to report for duty with a smooth face and shined shoes.

Well, I’ll still shave, but I’m shedding that sense of obligation. Shaving requires eight minutes of my careful attention. That’s not long, but some mornings I have better use for that time. Like singing a prayer as I watch the sun rise.

shedding style: release

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


One response to “unshaven shame

  1. […] feel the same about getting a haircut as I feel about shaving: glad to have it done. But I don’t like the process, so I don’t go to the salon more […]

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