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wheelbarrow flat tire repair

on February 7, 2014

The first shed I attempted yesterday ended with a mortally split wheelbarrow tire inner tube in the wastebasket and a slime-covered tire and wheel in the bathtub awaiting cleaning. Late this afternoon, I got the tire free and did my best to spray the red goo away. For something so slick, slime’s awfully sticky.

The weather was invitingly mild. Grateful for that, I pumped up Slowjourner Truth’s tires (to 85 psi in front and 90 in back, firm but below maximum recommended pressures) and rode him to Tractor Supply Company to buy an inner tube. Slow and I haven’t been covering many miles of late. It felt good to be back on my commuter/touring bike. While at TSC I also picked up a packet of Burpee Evergreen Long White Bunching onion seed. I hope to get that sown in flats within a day or two.

Back in our driveway, I put the pieces together: tire halfway on the rim, tube stuffed into the tire casing, valve stem sticking out the hole. Then I plied my spoons on the tire bead, trying to pry it over the lip of the rim. I accomplished this very task a couple weeks ago on a wheel from our community garden’s wheelbarrow. But this one resisted my efforts and bicycle tire spoons. I finally gave up and took it to the pros at the local tire service center. Experience and leverage got it mounted.

wheelbarrow ready to roll without rocking

wheelbarrow ready to roll without rocking

Returning this wheelbarrow to use—shedding it from my stuck projects list—grew more complicated than I’d envisioned. I thought I’d just peel the tire off the rim, find the leak and patch the tube, reassemble and be done. Sometimes simplifying one’s life isn’t so simple. It’s still satisfying, though.

shedding styles: throw away (the split tube); repair
destination: landfill

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


2 responses to “wheelbarrow flat tire repair

  1. […] And in those separate places most of the wood stayed, except for a bit we burned. I wanted it on the rack, but I want a thousand other projects accomplished, too. And it had to wait on repairing the wheelbarrow. […]

  2. […] Ever since I’ve eyed those leaves as a source of garden mulch. While lifting them into the wheelbarrow, I felt the tines of the hay fork clink against something hard. Carefully I pulled the layers back […]

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