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broken trash barrel lids

on February 8, 2014

For two people who strive to divert most of their solid waste stream into recycling, composting, and otherwise avoiding resort to the landfill, we have a curious number of trash barrels—six more than I suppose we need. Three were left by the previous owner of our house, two were abandoned by private waste haulers that previously served our address, and the others we brought with us. (I bought them on a two-for-one special. Someday I’ll learn to quit falling for that consumptive ploy.)

I’d have culled the collection long ago if not for the 2010-12 southeastern US drought. Our community had to impose strict water use restrictions. Hand watering of food gardens was permitted, but I wanted to do all I could to conserve. I captured the infrequent rains in buckets and tubs, and used that to water a few vegetables grown in containers. I wanted to increase my area under cultivation, but I knew I’d need a serious rainwater collection and storage system to support it. That’s why I kept all the trash barrels. Two, in fact, are already drilled for the plumbing required to connect to the downspouts.

But before I got the barrels sited and the system installed, the rains returned with a will to make up the deficit. Last year I didn’t have to capture water; I wondered if I’d have to work to improve drainage. The barrels just sat in a row out back, their lids balanced on their bottoms.

Two of them must have been very UV-sensitive. Or perhaps squirrels tried to make trampolines of them. They broke into dozens of brittle pieces, which lay on the ground and bugged me every time I walked past them. But I didn’t pick them up because I was always busy doing something else and didn’t have something at hand to put them in. Then I’d forget the mess till I saw it again.

brittle, broken trash barrel lids ... useless

brittle, broken trash barrel lids … useless

Until today. I gathered up the fragments, sad to have no better option than to put them in our trash barrel but glad to shed one more small irritation.

I think I’ll give away three or four of the barrels. I’ll keep a couple, because I still want to construct the rainwater collection system. I might need it yet. I can predict about earth’s rapidly changing climate that it will change, likely abruptly.

shedding style: throw away
destination: landfill

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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