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the whatchamacallit

on February 17, 2014

I fall into occasional fits of what might be called “velodrama.” Four or five of them have involved British-made bicycles. (I feel one coming on now: “It sure would ease the pain of that nine-hour layover in Nashville on the 24-hour Megabus trip I’m making next week if I had a Brompton along.”)

In another episode, some time ago I burned to have my own example of the historic and iconic Raleigh DL-1. I wound up with two down-on-their-luck specimens and a box of parts said to have been removed from them by the previous owner before he died. A few pieces of rod-brake linkage were missing, but fortunately Yellow Jersey of Madison, Wisconsin still sells and ships those. Other odd items in the box didn’t come off my bikes or any bike. Like the whatchamacallit.

the whatchamacallit

the whatchamacallit

Though I didn’t think it was meant for a fireplace grate, I considered a trial. (Nimue loathes ours as too large for anything but a Yule log. It does encourage over-consumption.) Or for a grill: I could see a whole free-range chicken slowly roasting in those form-following curves. But the whatchamacallit remained in the garage, always in the way, till I decided I could shed it at the steel recycling pile at the county landfill.

But wait! What’s this? A sticker … which said “Land Rover” and supplied a part number. The whatchamacallit has a purpose and a name! It’s a Rear Lamp Guard, left side, for a 1994-1999 Discovery 1. So now it’s listed on eBay in hope that someone afflicted with roverdrama wants it. Thank goodness that’s not my malady. If it doesn’t sell, I think I will roast a bird in it before I offer it to the smelter.

shedding style: resell
destination: one who wants it, I hope

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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