What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time


on February 21, 2014

I feel the same about getting a haircut as I feel about shaving: glad to have it done. But I don’t like the process, so I don’t go to the salon more than three, maybe four times a year. My public excuse is that Nimue likes my hair longer, and I let it grow out for her. Which is true, but when it starts to flip up or get in my eyes, I feel unkempt. Still I delay the inevitable appointment with the shears for weeks or even months. Why?

Partly it’s because I enjoy saving money more than spending, and I can always defer a haircut’s expense another day. (The beauticians deserve what I pay them, though, and more, so I’ve started tipping.) Partly it’s that, like-able as the staff are, I have to let someone I don’t know well into the bubble of my personal space. And partly it’s because getting a haircut interrupts whatever plans I’m pursuing, though I interrupt myself a hundred times a day, and generally don’t regret the moments of grace in which I stop to smell the roses.

Whatever … today I shed some hair. Always before I’ve walked away from my fringe on the floor, but today I asked if I might have it to feed my compost pile. Hair is a good slow-release source of nitrogen, some 15% by weight. That’s more than manure. Aren’t you glad you learned that?

hair today, gone tomorrow

hair today, gone tomorrow

shedding style: relocate, compost
destination: compost pile

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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