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contents of the crisper

on March 8, 2014

I don’t remember which comic asked, but I laughed till it hurt: “Why do they call that drawer at the bottom of the fridge a ‘crisper’? C’mon, everyone knows it’s the ‘slimer’!”

Whatever it’s called, down in ours the vegetables from the last weeks of our fall CSA rest in somewhat uneasy peace. (”CSA” abbreviates Community Supported Agriculture, a term generally used in the US to describe arrangements in which consumers subscribe to purchase produce from farmers on a regular, typically weekly, schedule. In the UK they’re often called “vegetable box schemes.” Nimue and I have enjoyed both. We’ve been members of our current CSA for four years.) My shed today is sorting the veggies into two classes: “make into soup” and “liquid already.”

You’ve been spared a photo. It’s for the best.

shedding styles: use up, compost
destinations: soup pot, compost pile

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


2 responses to “contents of the crisper

  1. Mark says:

    Nice one! Our CSA doesn’t kick off for a few more weeks, but I run into the same problem (usually when we end up with several weeks in a row of collards). And thanks for sparing us the picture!

    • revdarkwater says:

      Ours wound down in November and doesn’t crank up till 22 April (Earth Day!). I miss it … we ride the tandem out to the farm and that’s become a cornerstone of a good week. Last winter our community garden carried us through with an endless supply of collards (don’t it make my brown eyes green?), but this winter the hard freezes crisped the 300 transplants we set out. But I should use what I’ve got before I worry about what I don’t have!

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