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ancient computer books

on March 9, 2014

Our friends J. and D. are marrying early this summer. Their planning has arrived at the point a thousand specific decisions must be made, each with potential to express who they are, individually and together. Some couples, usually younger and with less experience of themselves, can hardly stand the strain. But our friends are enjoying plying their creativity, and we look forward to their weekly reports.

This evening we learned something about the table centerpieces for their reception. I don’t know what will rest on top, but they will build the bases of old computer books. J. and D. met through computers, they work them hard and play with them harder, and nothing could be more appropriate … well, lacking a dusty horde of old external 2400-baud modems.

They have, however, kept their libraries fairly current. Where to get a hundred or so utterly deprecated computer books? —From friends like Nimue and me, of course. So tonight I ventured into the lair of Tiamat, the primordial chaos dragon, in search of Understanding Red Hat Linux 3.0. Though I swear it’s in there, doubtless with the accompanying CD-ROM, I couldn’t find it. Failure wasn’t complete: I removed a handful of other candidates. They make my shed today.

Does anyone else think those top two titles had to be a joke?

Does anyone else think those top two titles had to be a joke?

And as soon as I can get bread to leave a trail of crumbs, I’m going back in the lair … er, the library … because I love picturing that cement block of a Linux bible at the reception, holding up a vase. As my last sight of it, forever and ever, amen.

shedding style: give away, re-purpose, recycle
destination: decorations, then the community recycling stream

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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