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dump day

on March 10, 2014

Nimue and I live on the edge of town, without the full city service of trash collection. We could pay a private waste hauler a per-month charge, but we don’t. Instead, I take our garbage to the landfill myself and pay the per-bag disposal fee. Through many years of practice (Nimue and I both had our introductions to recycling when we were kids), the support of a community that has unreservedly embraced waste reduction, and some composting practices that might generously be called “experimental,” we’ve reduced our quantity of solid waste to one large bag every three months.

There’s a difference between self-affirmation and bragging, so without shame I say: I’m proud of that. And yet I confess, too, that I view every bag that goes to the landfill as a failure. Zero waste is my ultimate goal. It might be almost impossible to achieve while remaining a stakeholder in our economy, but I won’t let that stop me from reaching for it.

Still, I always feel relief at getting dump day behind me. Along with the quarter’s bag o’trash (charge: $1.50), I emptied two bins of recycle-able items into the single-stream roll-offs and left a bicycle tire, old electronics, and odd bits of steel at the special collection points. Oh, and recycled a broken plastic chair left behind by our home’s previous owners; thanks to Rubbermaid for stamping it with a resin code! I feel decidedly lighter and a little less cluttered, if a bit soiled in my soul. For now, that has to be good enough.

resistance and collaboration combined

resistance and collaboration combined

shedding style: throw away, recycle
destination: landfill, community recycling collections

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


2 responses to “dump day

  1. I’m humbled. The only thing I shed today was a t-shirt I never liked. And paper. Every day, lots of paper. But more accumulates!

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