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extension cord repair

on March 13, 2014

I’ve previously mentioned the lair of Tiamat, the primordial chaos dragon, otherwise known as our upstairs junk room. She rules another lair as well: a garage full of projects, well-begun but interrupted, piled up to the ceiling in places.

One such ediface of deferred closure rises from a foundation of a wheelbarrow that needs its handles serviced. In the barrow’s bed are four old webbed-style aluminum folding lawn chairs that want cleaning before I try to sell them to nostalgic tailgaters. Atop the chairs are bicycle inner tubes that, if patched, will be usable again. Above the tubes was (note the tense shift!) an extension cord that needed a new female connector. And, gone but not forgotten: the worn-out bicycle tire I dropped at the landfill’s collection point this past Monday and, like a moldy but super-super-sized cherry on top, the travel backpack I cleaned and put back into service three weeks ago.

I didn’t have in mind to methodically take that tower down from the top, but now I’ve realized it’s happening, I’ve decided to continue. So my excavation brought me today to repairing the extension cord.

two after shots: after it suffered amputation by circular saw, and after I remedied that

two after shots: after it suffered amputation by circular saw, and after I remedied that

I bought a new connector over a year ago, but mounting it required finding my oversized cable stripper. Recently that emerged from a random box it had gotten swept into during a disorderly desktop purge. (I think of those boxes as Tiamat’s pellets—but I digress.) With the proper tool and a few minutes, the weight of an unfinished project was lifted, and access eased to the next items in the stack. Tomorrow I patch inner tubes! (Supposing I can find my patch kits.…)

shedding style: repair

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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