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railroad crossing symbol sign

on March 17, 2014

No, we don’t have a railroad running through our backyard. (Though Nimue and I have twice lived next to in-service tracks, and so far as we know it didn’t hurt us a bit.)

I think I can, I think I can shed all this stuff....

I think I can, I think I can shed all this stuff….

Last Saturday I finally asked our next-door neighbor about a pile of trash leaning against our side of her fence. It wasn’t hers, she said; sure, it was okay with her if I got rid of it.

My brother and I were railfans when we were kids, so I recognized what I was seeing when I pulled it apart: the rotting remains of a model railroad “track table” and a piece of modern rail memorabilia: an authentic railroad crossing symbol sign. Possessing such a thing once held the thrill of contraband because obtaining one involved bribing your crazy uncle with beer money to liberate it for you in the dark of night. Nowadays, however, ordinary citizens can buy them on the internet from the same vendors as the roads department. I don’t think this one ever saw service. The retroreflective sheeting still half-covers one of the mounting holes.

Thus, however temporarily, I own a railroad crossing sign. But it’s been a long, long time since I thought it would be cool to hang one on my bedroom wall. However am I going to complete this shed? —I know! I’ll call Buck in our Transportation and Public Works Department and offer it to the county! If they must refuse (reflective signs do have lifespans), well, I live in a college town. I just might leave it on a fraternity’s doorstep in the dark of the night.

shedding style: give away (I hope)

Comments welcome … what might you shed today?


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