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on March 23, 2014

I love tech. Oh, not all of it, certainly. Granting a patent for the electroluminescent animated billboard should have been followed immediately by outlawing it for offenses against nature. But a lot of tech holds out the promise that the information age can be a lot greener than the industrial revolution and its reign … though it’s up to those who use it to make certain the promise is kept.

And so, though we love tech, Nimue and I mostly position our purchases at the dull edge. We buy what’s proven, after the bugs have been found and squashed and the price is coming down. Then we keep it for as long as it still does the job. I don’t want to brag, but I will testify: on my desk at the church office a ten-year-old Dell desktop computer running Lubuntu cheerfully does everything I ask it to do. I used my second mobile phone for eight years.

Our BlackBerrys, sorry to report, lasted only half that. Oh, they still work, in the sense they can receive and place phone calls. But a day came when my smartphone turned into a handful of only average intelligence. Research in Motion lost so much market share that Google turned off its BlackBerry mobile apps. I’ve put up with the lack for two years, but no more. I want my calendar in my pocket again. Nimue agreed that we shouldn’t continue to pay a monthly premium for BlackBerry’s back-end data services, so she’s upgrading too.

Do I sound as if I’m trying to justify the decision? I suppose I am. And I’m going to miss thumbing that surprisingly satisfying keyboard. But it’s time to sing, “bye, bye, BlackBerry pie.”

BlackBerrys: from icon to footnote in a mere few years

BlackBerrys: from icon to footnote in a mere few years

shedding style: recycle
destination: mobile phone recycling drop-off

Comments welcome … when has “still working” tech stopped working for you?


2 responses to “BlackBerrys

  1. Yeah, I am looking forward to our contracts ending so we can change carriers and go back to flip phones! So tired of smart phones!

  2. […] was satisfied with my system for managing my contacts on my BlackBerry (recently retired and replaced with an Android phone). It was a little complicated, but gave me what I wanted. […]

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