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“Dial-an-Excuse” wheel

on March 25, 2014

While I’m on the subject of shedding items that previous occupants unburdened themselves of by leaving them behind, we’ve enjoyed our amusement from the “Dial-an-Excuse” wheel and are ready to pass it along. Several years ago Nimue found it in an office she moved into. It’s the sort of gag gift one laughs at once or twice and then urges onto a friend … except it’s also the kind of trivial fluff Nimue and I lose track of among the thousand other bits we wish to responsibly dispose of.

On its back it claims it's a "Cordless Search Engine for Life."

On its back it claims it’s a “Cordless Search Engine for Life.”

Perhaps I could use it to dial up an excuse the next time I’m late completing my daily shed and WIST post. (For the record, it tells me my “extenuating” excuse tonight is a “sewage emergency.” In fact, we once survived one of those in a rented home’s wet basement.) But no, it’s better to put it in the box bound for the thrift store. Let it prompt someone else to laugh at humanity’s collective frailty. Knowing myself, that’s something I already know how to do.

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … got a favorite excuse you’re ready to ridicule?


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