What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

inelastic waistbands

on March 26, 2014

A young but treasured institution of Athens, Georgia, is the EcoFocus Film Festival, a week of environmentally-themed cinema with panel discussions and, sometimes, visits from the film’s makers. It breaks my heart, because I’ll pick a half-dozen or more films that touch on my interests and concerns, but find I can attend only two or three. This year I’ve managed just one. It was, however, an offering that strongly appealed to Nimue and me. We thought it might both speak to us where we are in our quest to simplify and prepare our lives for whatever’s next and challenge us from a far point on a path we seem to be traveling. So last night we went to the screening of Tiny: A Story about Living Small. On and off all day today I’ve been drafting a post about our reactions to it, but I’m not nearly ready to hit the “publish” button, so I need another subject for an easy shed tonight.

Forgive the slightly bawdy content, but I think most WIST readers will agree that if, as William Morris advised, we are to have nothing in our houses we do not know to be useful nor believe to be beautiful, we shouldn’t suffer such on our persons either. So every two or three years I find that I can no longer ignore the lassitude of the elastic in the waistbands of my examples of what used to be called (in a genteel euphemism that managed to remain descriptive) “small clothes.” Consequently they ride up or fall down and in either case irritate me slightly but continually. Why I delay to enact the simple, obvious solution of buying a new five-pack says a fair amount about how cheap (if not downright miserly) I can be, but also suggests that I’m not often in stores that sell them. And that’s why, when—back in January—the moment of reckoning came for the current set of drawers in my drawers, I sought replacements on-line. It was easy and inexpensive, even including shipping. I was quite pleased.

Until The Great Department Store in the Cloud required fifty-five days to fulfill the order. What’s so scarce about sourcing or complex about mailing men’s cotton boxers? I’ll never know. I’m simply grateful they arrived today so that tonight I can shed my shorts.

shedding style: replace
destination: the rag pile

Comments welcome … would you be embarrassed for your mother to see the contents of your you-know-what drawer?


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