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outdoor side table

on April 3, 2014
Nice winter crop of creeping charlie Glechoma hederacea I've grown there.

Nice winter crop of creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea) I’ve grown there.

Among the items cast under the deck by previous owners of our house was a resin side table. It’s still a little stained by Georgia clay and mold, but it cleaned up well enough I’m not embarrassed to take it to the courtyard at church. That’s where I relocated my container garden so I may grow swiss chard where white-tailed deer shall not break in and steal. The table is of a size to elevate one pot, which will add a bit of visual interest.

In moving it from here to there, I haven’t subtracted from the total of belongings I’m responsible for, but it was useless, and now useful. That feels like a shed.

shedding style: relocate
destination: container garden

Comments welcome … do you have potentially useful property that simply needs to find its proper place?


One response to “outdoor side table

  1. I have lots of it, and Goodwill is the unlucky recipient. Things you’re responsible for: a great incentive to shed!

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