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flannel shirts

on April 9, 2014

Another winter’s made its chilly visit and gone, and I notice I hardly wore my cotton flannel shirts, though they once were staples of my cool-season wardrobe. I’m not sure what’s changed … perhaps my tastes, though I still like them well enough. Not enough to keep, however, if they aren’t getting used. So I’ll give them a final wash and iron and take them to the thrift store while the nights are still cool.

a shed of shirts

a shed of shirts

(On second thought, maybe it is that I wearied of the ironing.…)

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … do you have seasonal wear that’s gone through the season undisturbed?


3 responses to “flannel shirts

  1. Anne Lene says:

    YEPP, I do, and some of my season ones will be going out the door soon! Your flannel ones look nice though….

    • revdarkwater says:

      I’m glad … I don’t like to give away what no longer looks nice! I think there’s good use left in them, just not by me.

      • Anne Lene says:

        Yes, I only give away stuff that looks nice to.
        If they are too worn or “broken”, they make for good rags (for use when I paint or polish silver++) or as give always to a friend of mine that sews quilts/table runners/pot warmers/napkins +++ out of leftover cloth pieces.

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