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little plastic hangers

on April 17, 2014

Nimue suggested this shed and helped draft its post. But unless we create a WordPress user named “Nimue and revdarkwater,” we can’t get both our names on the by-line. It isn’t a big enough problem to solve by that means. Dear readers, consider her credited.

Sometimes standardization simplifies. A couple years ago, we decided that our wildly divergent assemblage of clothes hangers (mostly acquired by adopting those left over by the previous occupants of rooms and houses we serially dwelt in) were making us crazy. “I do most of the laundry,” Nimue says. “I win at the ‘who chooses hangers’ game.” We’d keep a few wooden coat hangers, she decided, but otherwise we’d use black plastic hangers for “his” clothes and blue for “hers.”

I took dozens that didn’t meet the criteria to the Goodwill thrift store. That left us a little short, so we went shopping for hangers. (Hint: not the best plan for a date night.)

Those she liked were substantial and wide. I liked them, too. But over to the side I noticed economy packs. More for less! Granted they were smaller and felt a bit flimsy—I reasoned they’d do the job. We consulted. There in the store aisle, we weighted pros and cons of the two models. We generously decided our hangers didn’t have to look the same; she could choose those she liked and I could choose otherwise. We were so adult … and I was so wrong.

The cheap hangers aren’t wide enough for the shirts of a broad-shouldered guy. As they are proportionately smaller, our clothes hang at different heights. The notches serve none of our purposes. These hangers irritate rather than satisfy, so it’s time for them to go to the thrift store, to be pounced on, we hope, by a gamin girl who owns a lot of tank tops.

not a better mousetrap

not a better mousetrap

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … where does standardization simplify for you?


5 responses to “little plastic hangers

  1. Anne Lene says:

    I get this ;-) I settled for slim no notch white and a pretty light green plastic hangers ( with the exception of a few good wooden ones, and a couple with notches) it gives the closet a cohesive look and I love that :-) I have to agree though, if my closet ever get invaded with wide shouldered men’s shirt… I’m gona have to swap some hangers ;-)

  2. Mark says:

    Our problem was: a superabundance of wire hangers, most of which came into the house with dry cleaning, two or three at a time, over many years. We probably had four hangers for every piece of clothing–or at least it seemed that way. It turns out our dry cleaner will happily accept these hangers back. So off they went–an entire garbage bag full.

  3. revdarkwater says:

    I’m glad to learn about the dry cleaners’ re-use policy!

  4. I can’t abide an ugly hanger (though most are) and by hanging that one on that curly set of hooks you’ve made it into art! At least you’ll always have the photo.

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