What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

lawn and leaf bags

on April 21, 2014

Several years ago our municipality realized that the landfill (an expensive and finite resource) would last longer and generate less methane if leaves, limbs, and grass clippings were kept out of it. So residential yard wastes are picked up every few weeks as part of basic services. It’s required, however, that they be stuffed into special kraft paper bags, which are sold at several stores.

The solid waste division chips or shreds the collected materials, combines them with sludge from wastewater treatment, and makes compost that it sells to recover part of the costs of the program. In general, I think this is all a good thing. But the energy inputs just for hauling are fairly high. I prefer to simply let our fallen leaves lie, where they become humus and enhance the soil.

I rake up some of our leaves for my own mulching and composting, but as those activities have scaled up, I sometimes find myself coveting my neighbors’s leaf bags awaiting pickup. It’s possible that I might even occasionally have asked someone, “May I have your leaves?” I’m not admitting so, understand, because once they’re in those bags, the city-county considers them property of the public. For today’s shed, however, I folded up six lawn and leaf bags that had been drying out in our garage and left them on the porch of a neighbor I know makes use of them.

"If ever I were to leaf you ..."

“If ever I were to leaf you …”

shedding style: re-use

Comments welcome … do you have someone else’s stuff cluttering your space that you might return?


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