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little IKEA chest of drawers

on April 26, 2014

We bought the kit for the little IKEA chest of drawers with a specific storage task for them to accomplish in mind. Nimue read me the instructions as I worked the assembly puzzle (it wasn’t hard). In a jiffy it was built and set in place … and Blueberry and Muffin said, “Most wonderful humans! You brought us something made of soft wood that feels SO GOOD under our poor, under-stretched claws!”

So, in our version of a witness protection program, we whisked the little chest into the lair of Tiamat, the primordial chaos dragon (the upstairs junk room). But there it couldn’t fulfill its intended use. All it did was grow a coat of mold during last summer, when the US southern piedmont was impersonating a rain forest.

Now it has a use. It can be today’s shed. I’ve sanded off the mold and filled the scratches. After I apply a coat or two of sealer, I’ll offer it up on craigslist for less than we paid for it. Which wasn’t much more than a large pizza.

"Noooo! You can't get rid of our scratching chest!

“Noooo! You can’t get rid of our scratching chest!

shedding style: resell
destination: craigslist

Comments welcome … what do you have that hasn’t worked in your ecosystem?


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