What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time


on May 2, 2014

We don’t light a fire in the fireplace often, but we allow ourselves the treat on an occasional winter evening. A good deal of wood lay in the yard in three separate places when we bought the property, the product of the loss of mature trees. Much of it had turned into mushroom growth medium, but we burnt what we could. I supplemented the fireplace fodder with the fallen limbs that constantly (and naturally) come down.

When what was left was truly marginal for firewood, Nimue bought a load from a woodcutter who was selling it off his pickup truck. It was nice fuel, seasoned white oak, cut to stove length. He stacked it neatly in the side yard. At that point our trove consisted of two piles of mostly rotten stuff out back, my collection of sticks and limbs haphazardly tossed upon the firewood rack, and Nimue’s purchase. Then a spring storm wrenched and shattered a large black cherry (Prunus serotina) out front. Fortunately, it hung up in a white oak before it hit the tandemobile. We needed the help of a tree cutting service to get it down. They left it in large sections, close to where they landed.

And in those separate places most of the wood stayed, except for a bit we burned. I wanted it on the rack, but I want a thousand other projects accomplished, too. And it had to wait on repairing the wheelbarrow.

But today the weather was pleasant, the ground dry enough to roll weight across, and I felt like moving wood. A lot of rotten stuff went to our hugelkultur mound. The good wood is now piled on the rack. Nothing left our address, but it looks better and took a weight off my mind. That’s what I shed today.


shedding style: relocate
destination: the firewood rack

Comments welcome … might you get more of less by combining this and that?


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  1. […] mentioned before that we have a lot of rotting wood cluttering our yard, most of it left after selective tree […]

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