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on May 3, 2014

No shed today … I celebrate gains. After a ten-year courtship, two of our best friends married this afternoon. Not to tattle, but anyone with normal sensitivities will understand: both have thought at times, “I will never marry.” By which they meant, “No one will ever marry me.”

About that, they were wrong, as today they are right as the sun that shone on their making their promises. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, to be surprised at what life will offer, will risk, will attempt.

The Evergreen Community Garden has some ten-year-old Early Red Chief tomato seeds. (Early Red Chief is a classic open-pollinated strain that appeared in seed catalogs beginning in the 1880s). Ten years is a long time for seed to remain viable if it hasn’t been carefully stored. But before I shed it straight to the compost pile, I tried a germination test. I wet a paper towel, sprinkled the seeds on it, folded it up and put it in a plastic bag in a warmish place.

I began the trial a little over a week ago. Some of the seeds have sprouted. I moved a dozen to an egg-carton seed-starter. Soon I’ll move more.

Any questions?

I'm avoiding getting new stuff, but I long for a better macro lens ... .

I’m avoiding getting new stuff, but I long for a better macro lens … (sigh).


5 responses to “sproutings

  1. Great metaphor here as you worked your way into your subject. I’m rooting for your Early Red Chiefs (pun unintended but not bad eh?).

  2. and here’s a followup to that . . .

    I enjoy your blog so much, and your ability to shed and make it sound fun (LOL), so I’ve added you to my blogroll (it appears on the individual posts). Now I can click straight to it whenever I need some ideas on what to shed! Check it out here:


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