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summery shorts and a top

on May 5, 2014

“Suddenly it’s summer,” Nimue said. (Our official high today, recorded at 2:41 pm, was 91° F.) “So I pulled out the summer-only clothes. There were three pairs of running shorts … I might occasionally wear one of them. And a camisole top that still has its tags. I’ve never even put it on. So I tried it and realized: it’s a garment for a woman who isn’t an hourglass.”

We certainly don’t want to spill the sand, I thought. Bye-bye, camisole.

We sure are sending a lot of clothes to the thrift store. Lucky for us the collection point is just a three-mile bike ride from home!

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … this is a good time to review my winter wear: anything that didn’t get used in the past six months is a candidate for a shed. Are you feeling a seasonal shift away from some stuff?


3 responses to “summery shorts and a top

  1. Mark says:

    Yes, it did get hot in a hurry, didn’t it. I think I cleared out most of my “why do I have these?” shorts, but I bet I could probably find a few more pairs to donate.

  2. My Light Bag says:

    I always give myself a year to throw away seasonal stuff – for example, I don’t go through my winter clothes in spring, but wait until the following winter to sort them out. Sometimes, our tastes and lifestyles change and what we didn’t use one year is perfect for the next.

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