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bread machine pan: repair or replace

on May 6, 2014

Over 20 years ago, Nimue and I received the generous gift of a bread machine. We were grateful, but a bit skeptical about the results it promised. Could it, we wondered, really make a palatable loaf? I was also puzzled about how to fit it into our kitchen and cooking. I was making rolls by hand at least twice a month and found a lot of satisfaction in doing so. Turning over the bread-making to a box seemed like a loss.

But we experimented and found that it would, indeed, make good bread. Never great, but better than we could buy wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. The process was ridiculously easy, too: measure in the liquid and dry ingredients, sprinkle dry yeast on top, and press a button. So the bread machine found a place in our regular cooking routine. Now, should it break, we’d immediately replace it. Happily, our original unit is still going strong.

Except that the shaft at the bottom of the bread pan, which drives the dough hook, has become difficult to turn. I expect tiny amounts of liquid and flour have leaked past the seal over the years, and now there’s enough in there to gum up the works. I vaguely recall that something like this happened to our first pan—at least I remember I ordered a replacement at one point in the now distant past.

Parts are no longer available from the manufacturer. So I’ll try to disassemble the mechanism, clean the pieces, and put them back together. If it works, I’ll have shed a project off my to-do list. If not, well, there’s always eBay.

It's good to be the loving son of a mechanical engineer. Snap-ring pliers are a household item.

It’s good to be the loving son of a mechanical engineer. Snap-ring pliers are a household item.

shedding style: repair or replace

Comments welcome … do you have a household repair project for which it’s time to risk either failure or success?


7 responses to “bread machine pan: repair or replace

  1. I love my bread-maker… actually we’ve worn out two in the past 15 years, so yours is a real triumph!

  2. Anne Lene says:

    I do not have a bread making machine, so I can’t tell you any stories there ;-) but for shedding style? I’m all for repair :-)

    I’m a regular “handyman” kinda girl ;-) and I will always try fixing things first – the latest a month ago was my kitchen faucet that had started to have major drip problems! I had to change the inner workings of it – part ordered, picked up, 30 minutes later, one faucet working better than ever ;-) and waaaay cheaper than having to buy a new faucet (and less work to).

  3. […] hand. Over twenty years, it cranked out hundreds, possibly thousands of batches of bread. Twice we replaced the pan (the shaft at the bottom is a weak link). The bread machine kneaded on … till […]

  4. […] old bread machine is dead, but not all that long ago we purchased a lightly-used replacement pan for it on eBay. Perhaps someone else has a Regal KitchenPro model 6773 that’s still cranking, […]

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