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for today … WIST

on May 17, 2014

I won’t shed anything today for What I shed today. I could strain after something to claim, but that would feel fake. So I’ll say how honored I am that, a few minutes from now, down in the Frogtown Cellars vineyard, two people will make important promises to one another, and my clergy-robed company standing there with them will somehow mysteriously represent presence.

I won’t mark today on my WIST “Don’t Break the Chain” calendar with the “X” of accomplishment. But I don’t call it failure, either.

the pavilion at Frogtown Cellars, Dahlonega, Georgia

the pavilion at Frogtown Cellars, Dahlonega, Georgia

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4 responses to “for today … WIST

  1. Mark says:

    And I shall return to you the “get out of posting free” card that you gave me not too long ago. Way to keep it simple, and keep a perspective on priorities (and why we’re doing “this thing” in the first place).

  2. […] over the first three days of the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia, a bout of gastroenteritis, and a winery wedding. If I wasn’t shedding, it wasn’t because I had my feet propped up in the […]

  3. […] had a wedding rehearsal at Frogtown Cellars this afternoon, which required driving about 70 miles across the north Georgia piedmont. I tried to […]

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