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on May 18, 2014

Ever since she consented to cycling with me, I’ve wanted to introduce Nimue to the Silver Comet Trail. (The SCT is an abandoned railway converted to a multi-use path; it runs from northwest metro Atlanta to the Alabama border.) I have a meeting in Smyrna tomorrow evening, and it’s worked out that we can spend the day riding. So tonight I thought I’d look for my old Silver Comet Trail map. I hoped I’d find it in the box I’ve been using to confine bicycle-related paper. I hoped as well that it would yield up material for today’s shed.

Fox with the box

Fox with the box

Like an archaeologist, I dug down through strata of user’s manuals, receipts, cue sheets, maps, and catalogs. Sure enough, near the bottom of the box, I reached the SCT Trail Map and Directory printed in 2003 by Trail Express. The list of services is out-of-date, but the mileages between trailheads hasn’t changed.

As anticipated, the excavation also produced a modest pile for the recycling bin … once Percy can be persuaded to give it up.

Percy on what's shed-worthy

Percy on what’s shed-worthy

shedding style: recycling
destination: community recycling stream

Comments welcome … do you have one of those boxes in which you’ve saved everything?


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