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large economy size “red wine flavored” vinegar

on May 19, 2014

20140520-dlj-08.02.01-eI don’t remember when I acquired this large bottle of vinegar. I do recall storing it in a cabinet in a kitchen I last cooked in nine years ago. Notice there was a whole quart of it. Notice also that it wasn’t even cheap red wine vinegar, but “wine-flavored” vinegar. Ha! “Wine-colored” vinegar would have more honestly described it.

I valued quantity over quality then. Except I didn’t, really. I just thought I should, and acted like it. I’m more alert to that over-consumptive trap now, and fall into it a little less often. But I still punish myself for those old mistakes by keeping them until they are “used up.”

Yesterday, while mixing a vinaigrette, I noticed the somewhat dusty bottle at the back of a pantry shelf. The garlic and seasonings would have overwhelmed anything delicate, so with a slight sense of vindication, I poured the last inch of its contents into the blender. Today, I’m dropping the bottle in the recycling bin. I hope to keep the lesson learned.

shedding styles: use up, recycling
destination: community recycling stream

Comments welcome … when is “economy” uneconomical?

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2 responses to “large economy size “red wine flavored” vinegar

  1. Mark says:

    Yeah, I have an enormous bag of bonito flakes that may well outlive me, unless I can think of some pretty imaginative ways to use them up. Or I suppose they could be used for fertilizer.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time….

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