What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time


on June 14, 2014

As a native Georgian said to me once, “I’m not complainin’, I’m just reportin’.”

The dot-dot-dots representing the last couple of weeks weren’t empty. They held a tandem bicycle rally, two memorial services, the hand-weeding of hundreds of nutsedge plants, cycling 180 miles over the first three days of the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia, a bout of gastroenteritis, and a winery wedding. If I wasn’t shedding, it wasn’t because I had my feet propped up in the shade.

Also, I had good intentions of mobile posting from the small towns we visited on BRAG. (In my plan, WIST was to briefly become WIRT, “Where I rode today.”) I drafted an entry at our first overnight stop, but couldn’t get a connection with enough bandwidth to support the upload. (Ah, well, a modified version is in the pipeline.)

‘Nuff ‘splainin’ … the transformative power of a daily discipline is unleashed by doing it every day. Break’s over. I’m shedding this ellipsis. What I shed today is an active project again!

Hum, what else is around here I can let go of or grab onto to lighten up?

un-shedding style: resume

Comments welcome … does doing it (almost) daily work best for you?


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