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slow cooker crock

on June 19, 2014

I had reason to walk in the woods at church today (not that a walk in the woods needs any reason but to enjoy it). Through the trees I saw something cornflower blue, hardly a woodsy color. I went to it and from the leaf mould lifted a slow cooker crock, surprisingly intact.


Maybe it isn’t a slow cooker crock. Maybe a Blue Man left his hat behind.

Though separated from its cooker, it isn’t useless. They make good casseroles. We don’t need another, however, so it’s here today, shed tomorrow. To the thrift store it goes.

shedding style: give away
destination: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Comments welcome … have you enjoyed finding an unexpected treasure you could then enjoy giving away?

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One response to “slow cooker crock

  1. A few weeks ago my local yarn store had a lucky dip give away – the parcel I selected contained two small balls of yarn and a pair of very short knitting needles. The former were rapidly put to use, but a friend who was with me expressed a desire for the latter… which I gave her straight away. Easy come – easy go.

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