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cassette tape deck

on June 26, 2014

About every three months, we fill a trash barrel with waste we can’t recycle, and I take a liner bag to the county landfill. Yesterday was the day this quarter. Our recycling bins also make the trip so I can dump their contents into the roll-offs there. And I carry along any steel or electronics we’ve set aside for recycling (the landfill sequesters those, steel for the smelter and electronics for special processing). I enjoy tossing the steel into the big metal bin; a local youth organization gets the proceeds from its sale, so I feel it’s turned to some good.

The electronics collection point unsettles me, though. It’s just a row of gaylord boxes in a semi-trailer, overflowing with PC cases, monitors, printers, and cables, mixed with television sets, audio equipment, appliances … anything with a printed circuit board. I know it’s likely bound for a third world factory where it, too, will be smelted, without adequate protections for workers or the environment. Such are our choices at present, poor as they are.

I left a cassette tape deck there we’ve had for 15 years that’s only half-worked the last ten. It was a big black block, the size of two shoeboxes. The only comfort I could give myself in the experience was to think that the next time I decide to acquire a music-playing device, it won’t be any bigger than I can hold in my hand.

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shedding style: recycle
destination: electronics recycling collection

Comments welcome … what’s challenging for you to dispose of sustainably?


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