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the lords of the universe

on July 11, 2014

Nobody hears what we say
Hidden in the games that we play
Nobody hears what we say …
These days are ours

—Emma Hewitt, “These Days Are Ours”

Thunder fills the air here tonight, but the rains won’t come … they haven’t, yet.

In a wistful mood, I’m listening to Emma Hewitt’s chillout anthem for girls, the ones who will soon be women but aren’t yet, who go in giggling groups in seeming oblivion to everything their elders despair of in them, then speak judgment like lightning with a wisdom sourced from eons.

I’m about as far from a girl as one could get, but if I had one wish to spend, I think I might use it well to put the girls in charge.

Tonight I’d shed the Lords of the Universe (so-called) if I could: impeach and depose them for wagering the world for nickels and dimes—which they hoard as if they were immortal diamond.

I cannot. Yet I can say to and for those of us who don’t buy it when the Lords say, “Here’s happiness for sale,” for we who would wash the world green, who are rebels who haven’t lost our innocence of heart:

These days are ours.

shedding style: refuse
destination: hope

Comments welcome … where have you heard lately a whisper of hope?


4 responses to “the lords of the universe

  1. nrhatch says:

    You might enjoy this quote:

    Despair is hidden arrogance . . . “I have seen the future and it doesn’t work.”

    Here’s to HOPE!

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