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immoderately-sized salt and pepper shakers

on July 20, 2014

(revdarkwater and Nimue are on vacation with her family in the coastal Carolinas, but before they left home, they chose some items to “shed ahead.”)

I recall that my Grandma had a pair of “cooking” salt and pepper shakers which she’d use to season a whole skillet of frying chicken with just two practiced snaps of her wrist. Conscious of imitating her, I bought mine en route to a retreat for which we each were asked to bring a salt shaker. (We explored “salt” as a multi-faceted metaphor, and at the end ritually received our shakers back. It “played” better than it sounds!) I’ve tried using the big shakers in my kitchen, but I just don’t cook like “Trudy.” Maybe somebody’s grandma who does will find them at the thrift store.

shakers for a two-fisted salt-and-pepperer

shakers for a two-fisted salt-and-pepperer


shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … did any of your model elders make grand gestures that work better for you on a more modest scale?


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