What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

wicking boxers

on July 21, 2014

(revdarkwater and Nimue are on vacation with her family in the coastal Carolinas, but before they left home, they chose some items to “shed ahead.”)

I’m sorry to descend to the level of exposing my shorts … but these are special: undergarments made of a “wicking,” quick-dry fabric for travelers who want to pack light. I’ve gone on month-long adventures carrying just three pair and known I always had clean underwear in my bag because they can be washed in a sink and will dry overnight. I love them with an everlasting love, but mine have grown a bit as their waistbands lost some stretch, and I’ve shrunk as I cycle more, till they no longer fit. They’re too good to toss, but I sense that my culture might have a taboo about second-hand underpants (it’s something we just don’t talk about). Perhaps they could be given to a willing close relative. I’ll ask my brothers … but shush, please don’t tell!

I have two more like these ... they cost a leg and a leg, but I hope to replace them soon nevertheless.

I’ll miss these and their mates … they cost a leg and a leg, but I hope to replace them someday nevertheless.

shedding style: give away
destination: someone else’s underwear drawer

Comments welcome … if you needed it, would you accept the shirt off someone else’s back? What about their shorts?


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