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bolster pillows

on August 2, 2014

When, years ago, Nimue and I moved out of student rooms and studio apartments into a house, we unpacked middle-class cultural expectations along with our modest possessions. We had a family room; of course the empty space by the wall required a couch. So we saved for a few months till we could afford to buy one. Practical sorts that we mostly are, we opted for a “sleeper sofa” so we might offer our occasional overnight guests a bed that wasn’t the floor.

That couch taught me about buyer’s remorse. It was, I recall, a finger-threatening contraption that unfolded with groans, pops, and a great “thwang!” of springs. I’d have forgiven it if it had been a decently comfortable bed or sofa, but it was neither. We shed it before our next move. (Lesson: be eccentric enough take a nap on any potential sleeping surface while it’s still at the store.)

When we next found ourselves with a family room to furnish, we decided to try a futon and futon frame. We’ve been much happier with them. The frame extends into a level, stable platform, and the futon has held up to years of use. But the bolster pillows I bought to “complete” the set have never satisfied their promise.

What exactly are they supposed to bolster up?

What exactly are they supposed to bolster up?

In the futon store, pillows adorned all the furnishings, offering contrast and a vision of a relaxed domestic life that appeals to me. I wanted pillows, had to have them! But in use, they don’t add to our comfort; they just make us reach further for our tea and coffee mugs. Worse, their covers proved to be cat-hair magnets. One of our amendments to the Morris Rule says, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, believe to be beautiful, or attracts and will not release cat hair.”

Nimue has labored long, however, at de-furring them, with acceptable success. I don’t want the burden of trying to squeeze nickels and dimes out of everything we’re shedding, but the bolsters cost enough that I will try to sell them for a third of their original price. If I succeed, it will add a bit to our cycling fun fund!

shedding style: resell
destination: craigslist

Comments welcome … in the domestic arts, should form always follow function?


4 responses to “bolster pillows

  1. To which I can also add dog hairs!

  2. nrhatch says:

    We inherited two sleeper sofas with this villa. We donated one to Habitat for Humanity and just gave the 2nd to a niece for her first apartment.

    I thought we might want to replace it with a futon because I’ve found futons more comfy to sleep on than a sleeper sofa (with springs digging into my back).

    Now I know not to spring for the Bolster Pillows. :cool:


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