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veggie broth bag 2

on August 4, 2014

We’re back from co-leading (with our friend Diane) a weekend retreat for young adults on “green spirituality.” Having kept our goals modest, they were exceeded—a tactic I am, at last, accepting as wise when trying anything for a first time.

My hips, thighs, shins, and ankles are telling me to keep that in mind the next time I pit my 1957-model body against that of nineteen-and-twenty-year-olds playing “Capture the Flag.” The legs say, “We’ll propel a bike as far as you want in a day, but quick starts, stops, and sprints over uneven ground are discontinued options.”

It was, on the other hand, hilarious fun.

In consequence, however, I can hardly move at the moment. So tonight I’m recycling a previous shed; I’ve pulled a veggie broth bag from the freezer and emptied it into the slow cooker.



shedding style: use up, compost
destination: soup, the compost pile

Comments welcome … aren’t “take it easy” three of the most beautiful words ever assembled into an imperative?


3 responses to “veggie broth bag 2

  1. […] of weeks I’ve been trying to use what I could of its contents. I’d boiled most of the veggie broth bags, and we ate the last emergency pizza for lunch. Once Nimue wiped the compartment to a hospital-like […]

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