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sixteen-year-old canceled checks

on August 8, 2014

“Want an easy shed today?” Nimue asked when I got home. “You know that advice that says, ‘If you packed a box over six months months ago and you haven’t unpacked it yet, you don’t need what’s in it, and you should get rid of it without opening it’? Here’s why it shouldn’t be followed literally. I worked through one of those boxes today, and I found this.” She showed me a carton of checks. “They’re from 1998,” she said. “I think they can go.”

They certainly can, though I know she’ll want to shred them first. I can’t exactly say why we have to shred checks drawn on a bank that doesn’t exist anymore, but we try to turn anything with personally identifiable information on it into confetti before it mulches the gardens. What a strange world it is, that a fairly beefy shredder has become an essential household appliance.

shedding style: shred
destination: mulch

Comments welcome … what might you shred today?


2 responses to “sixteen-year-old canceled checks

  1. When we were cleaning out my oma and pop pops house we found old checks from the 90s as well! we were kind of shocked at how many they had. however, when flipping through them we found 100 dollar bills! It was one of their hiding spots for cash. Made us clean the house a little more careful just incase lol I am sure your garden beds will love them lol

  2. revdarkwater says:

    Yeah, I’ll tell the tomatoes it’s high-dollar fertilizer!

    Your story about finding the century notes would be funnier if A. (= Nimue) hadn’t just two weeks ago uncovered hundreds of pounds sterling, legacy of when her work sent her to the UK for up to three months a year. (sigh) We’re getting better, but no one should think we’ve got this clutter thing conquered!

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