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sheds on the podium in our freezer olympics

on August 13, 2014

Today we began our semi-annual refrigerator and freezer purge, which we’re finally getting around to observing after putting it on our calendar over a year ago. I came to the appointment a little worn from hours spent remodeling with only setbacks to show, so we chose to clean the freezer tonight and tackle the fridge tomorrow.

Not much emerged that dismayed me. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to use what I could of its contents. I’d boiled most of the veggie broth bags, and we ate the last emergency pizza for lunch. Once Nimue wiped the compartment to a hospital-like gleam, back in went heirloom seeds, a can of frozen grape juice, half of bag of cranberries (soon to appear in muffins? I asked in a hinting tone), somewhat freeze-dried shrimp I’ll try to disguise in an omelet, and frozen peas that will stretch my creativity. (Actually, I believe those must have spontaneously generated in the cold dark. We never buy frozen peas.)

Some frozen-and-forgotten baked beans are now thawing in the refrigerator. There shall be beans on toast for breakfasts if we get some bread baked!

many are culled, few are frozen

many are culled, few are frozen

We awarded shedding to three items. In third place: a cup of leftover lima beans that never made it into a soup, and never will. Silver goes to a tablespoon of corn meal, carefully secured in a bag big enough to hold several pounds. And for the gold: a zip-lock bag full of dehydrated onions, okra, potatoes, peppers, and celery I dried, oh, less than a decade ago, meaning them for a backpacking meal of curry over rice.

Guess what’s for tomorrow’s lunch.

shedding style: compost
destination: compost pile

Comments welcome … what secrets might lurk in your kitchen’s land that time forgot?


8 responses to “sheds on the podium in our freezer olympics

  1. Mark says:

    Wow–a gold medal, if you asked me. When I cleared out the freezer in those final days before the move, I unearthed more than a dozen frozen, over-ripe bananas, dutifully saved to become banana bread “some day.” Alas, they never made it!

  2. Mom says:

    Frozen peas make great cold compresses! Everyone should have a bag for that! ………..Mom

  3. […] on our shared Google calender. Well, 18 months have gone by … two weeks ago we began with the freezer, and today completed our first semi-annual cleaning. But it’s success and a good […]

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