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the first occasional WIST minimal packaging award

on August 16, 2014

Here’s one weird trick it’s handy to know: the threads on most blender bottom screw caps match those on regular canning jars. So should you want to blend in a small, easily washed container (or lost your blender pitcher at a party that got out of hand), put your ingredients in a Mason jar, drop the gasket-blades-jar base assembly on top, tighten, flip it over and blend away. But make sure you get the seal on straight, and don’t overtighten. Mine curled up into the spinning blades and got chewed to bits. All the salad dressing I meant to mix ran out all over the blender base, too. Oops.

Thus I needed a new seal. They aren’t hard to find, though they’re generally supplied in lots of three (sigh). I guess if you’ve proved you can’t be trusted with one, odds increase you’ll need spares. I ordered a trio from a reseller on The Great Department Store in the Cloud. I expected they would come blister packed, in a corrugated box ten times their size, protected from damage in transit by bubbles of “packaged air.”

Instead, they appeared in my mailbox in a regular no. 10 envelope, wrapped in a blank sheet of 8½x11 paper (which I will re-use). The mailing label doubled as the packing slip. That’s all.


For doing all that needed to be done with less, I give the first WIST minimal packaging award to Overstock Outlet. Here’s to hope we’ll see a trend.

Note: an earlier version of this post contained a significant factual error; thanks to Nimue for pointing it out.


2 responses to “the first occasional WIST minimal packaging award

  1. Mom says:

    As often happens, your knows-it-all mom knows why they sent three rings. It will surprise you, perhaps, but the company has a conscience. The cost to make the rings is extremely small so a few companies hate to charge $4 or $5 for just one ring which cost maybe $0.33 to produce! I used to work in a parts department!

  2. revdarkwater says:

    There’s a thought! We’ll add the “Mom’s Company with a Conscience” award (grin).

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