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combination wrench set

on August 20, 2014

I loathe cheap tools. They lie, promising more than they deliver, when good tools cost little more, considering that they may be handed down through generations. For some purposes, however, good enough is just right. This bargain set of combination wrenches was good enough to carry in our diesel sedans, back when we drove them, for emergency repairs. The finish on them is sloppy, but the distances between the flats are accurate, and the jaws didn’t round off. They saved me time, trouble, and money a few times.

Automobiles have changed, however, becoming both more reliable and complex. There’s little I could do on a roadside to fix Echo (a 2000 Toyota Echo) or the Tandemobile (a 1992 Ford Aerostar) should something go wrong. I have good wrenches for the shop and my bike tools box; I don’t need spares. Maybe these could multiply the mechanical force of someone with few dollars and fewer tools. Four bucks on craigslist is about what my conscience can bear to ask for them.

It doesn't wrench my heart to part with these.

It doesn’t wrench my heart to part with these.

shedding style: resell
destination: craigslist

Comments welcome … how many wrenches does a relatively handy household need? (Yikes, I can’t believe I asked that!)


One response to “combination wrench set

  1. mcrivelli says:

    If you know you are going to need a tool for a specific project that you don’t have, go down to your local swap meet / flea market and check out the vendors there…. you will be surprised how many Craftsman and Snap on tools you can find that are still covered under a life time warranty.

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