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in- and out-baskets

on August 23, 2014

Nimue and I have experimented with several theories and disciplines of organization over our years. These baskets, clips, and spindles are relics of our attempt to each keep a home office. (For mercy’s sake, isn’t one per reasonably productive adult enough?) We’ve come to think that clearly-marked routing trays can promote order if one has clerical help, but for those of us who do the emptying as well as the filling, baskets and spindles are a temptation to delay action. What works best for us is to decide about each piece of paper as it comes into our hands and act on it now. Second-best is to leave it right in the middle of our workspaces, where it will bug the fire out of us till we deal with it just to banish it from our sight.

I can’t say we always conform to our best practices, but we’ve learned enough to know we don’t need these baskets and their accessories. Off to the thrift store they go, where I hope they’ll please someone whose workflow can embrace them.

As Devo advised, "Clip it! Clip it good!"

As Devo advised, “Clip it! Clip it good!”

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … might you dispose of the detritus of attempted-and-abandoned organizational systems?


One response to “in- and out-baskets

  1. Yes! I’ve tried, and had, more than my fair share of these. I have a large walkin closet devoted to the discards of these failed attempts, so I can recycle through them from time to time. :D

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