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first semi-annual refrigerator purge and clean

on August 25, 2014

A couple years ago we calculated that the energy savings of a new, efficient refrigerator would pay for its acquisition within three years—achieving a lower carbon footprint and economy together! (Which isn’t unusual at all, in our experience.) The local Big Box Home Improvement Warehouse had a basic model we liked on sale. It won’t sing to us as it dispenses mixed drinks from its door, but it keeps food chilled, which is the point.

Aware that we weren’t masters of refrigerator hygiene, we vowed to do better with our clean slate, and entered “purge and clean refrigerator & freezer” as an every-six-months repeating event on our shared Google calender. Well, 18 months have gone by … two weeks ago we began with the freezer, and today completed our first semi-annual cleaning. But it’s success and a good start.

Here’s what we shed: a container, originally yogurt, that some other life form was squatting in; a half-finished sports drink, which I can only bear to drink when I need the salts on a long, hot bicycle ride; the juice from a can of jalapenos escabeche; and half a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, which I poured into the other half-full bottle. Oh, and a little serving of Thousand Island salad dressing.


We’ve done better at keeping up with the contents than I would have guessed. But we note a population explosion of pickles, so we’ll have to become better apex pickle predators.

shedding style: use up, compost (the substance formerly known as yogurt), recycle (containers)
destination: compost bucket, community recycling stream

Comments welcome … any ideas for ways to consume several pints of various pickles?


One response to “first semi-annual refrigerator purge and clean

  1. mcrivelli says:

    I know it must feel amazing having a freshly cleaned fridge! It’s the small things in life that bring us the most peace.

    Today I listed a bunch Of Party Lite candles, a wooden duck candy dish, some wine glasses and a growler on Craigslist. If I get my asking prices I will put $100 in my pocket! Wish me luck. :)

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