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on August 29, 2014

Nimue and revdarkwater married on a summer’s day. They moved to a romantic third-floor walk-up with shining hardwood floors and box seats for the Illinois Central railway … and, first thing, to show their affection for their apartment, they got it a dustpan. (And a broom, too.) Then they moved to a house in a prairie town. It had an upstairs and a basement, so it needed two additional dustpans! After a few years, back they went to Chicago. But which box did the dustpans get packed in? Oh, well … to the dustpan store they went, because they needed a dustpan today! And in a following house, or perhaps two, previous occupants left dustpans behind. That’s the tale of how Nimue and revdarkwater acquired seven scoops for sweepings.

This is how they shed four. Nimue nodded emphatically when revdarkwater asked, “One upstairs, one on the ground level, and one in the garage are enough, right?” To the thrift store with the next load they go.

Four little dustpans, all in a row: each wanting use, to new homes they'll go.

Four little dustpans, all in a row: each wanting use, to new homes they’ll go.

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome … are cleaning tools and supplies a category of clutter unto themselves?

Postscript: “Fiddle,” revdarkwater says. “I forgot one! Do we have to count the itty bitty dustpan for the tent?”


2 responses to “dustpans

  1. Mark says:

    That’s a lot of dustpans alright! We keep a bonus dustpan by the litter box, with its own whisk broom.

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