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cancellations of daily supervised play

on August 31, 2014

guest post by Muffin

I don’t mind being told, “Not now.” (Though I could gladly skip the foot awkwardly dangled in my face … as if that would stop me if I were a particularly willful cat!) I can bear up with the absurdly brief intervals I’m allowed contact with nature (though I never have time to visit and taste all my favorite grass clumps). It’s okay that the thumbed one follows me about, occasionally calling my name as if he’s afraid I’ll go feral if I’m not reminded of it. But the unjustified withholding of my supervised play must stop! My right to enjoy the yard at least once a day has been negotiated, it’s in the contract, it’s a fundamental feline right! I demand that the cancellations be shed immediately!

You don't understand. "No" is my word.

You don’t understand. “No” is my word.

shedding style: refuse

Comments solicited! Tell revdarkwater you support Muffin’s right to daily supervised play outside!

Update: Muffin wants everyone to see how exquisitely she behaves. After her daily tour of the wooded yard, she usually returns to the front porch and lies down.

"I could be trusted to be left like this for hours!"

“I could be trusted to be left like this for hours!”


7 responses to “cancellations of daily supervised play

  1. joshdaddy says:

    My newly-gone-wild geriatric cat could not agree with you more, Muffin!

  2. Poor Muffin… is there a petition to sign? (there seems to be one for every other issue in the world today!)

  3. Mom says:

    Not now, Muffin. Not good for you. Grandmother Kitty

  4. Mom says:

    You’re a sweet talker, Muff. Of course, you blamed all the paper shredding on Blueberry. I love you, anyway, but the big guy rules!

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